Fostering a Lifelong Love of Music


Kindermusik International offers carefully crafted music and movement classes that address the developmental trajectories for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children 5 to 7. While the focus of our classes is musical development through active music-making, our curricula support the growth of the whole child.

As parents, you know more than anyone how quickly your child grows from day to day at such an accelerated rate.

Their language and literacy skills are exploding minute-by-minute; they're discovering how to skip, hop, and jump through refined motor skills and self-regulation; socially and emotionally they are learning to negotiate as they demonstrate more control over their emotions and how to get along with their friends; they even know how to count to 20 and recite the alphabet, complete with ellenemoepea!

The Kindermusik program and our instructors support that growth.

Our classes foster a lifelong love for music while simultaneously helping your child develop language, social, emotional, and physical skills. Through musically rich play, your child will discover the joy of collective music-making and the thrill of musical competence!